We all buy food every day. Sometimes we may wonder where are all the incredients coming from and what kind of a process has it been to produce some particular food product. That information does not exist and it is a disgrace. Products contain a list of ingredients. But where do they come from? Who made them? What kind of journey did they make before ending up in my family’s breakfast? Most of the time you cannot tell.

But more and more people want that information and want it in a way they can trust. It’s not enough if the producer states on its website that their product is the best and the cleanest and eco-friendliest product of all times. Most likely it is not. Consumers want information they can trust and top companies who actually do produce the good stuff have found this to be an amazing marketing opportunity. If you produce clean, sustainable food you should tell it to your customers. And if your competitor does not do the same you are a winner. And vica verca. That is why Empirica developed Trustor in collaboration with some high end food producers and offers the solution now to everyone.

Data Collection

  • Data transfer from existing data sources or IoT devices via REST API.
  • Manual entry with dynamic forms.
  • Data enrichment using external sources (e.g. weather observations, social media).
  • Data verification and validationalgorithms.

Data Storing

  • A cryptographically secured storage, a blockchain, creates a tamperproof system with immutable records of data.
  • Data can be changed and augmented, but only according to a common set of rules and with a full audit log.

Share Data And Engage Your Customers

  • Tell product stories based on verified data.
  • Secure and tamperproof data sharing.
  • Share verified data of product origin.
  • Traceable product is more competitive.

Increase Brand Value