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ICOs are in many cases the best way to raise corporate funding for startups and established companies. They are however getting more complicated and the competition is heating up. Only the best will survive and only if done the right way. We can offer you the ICO services, such as technical and marketing solutions, that will take your ICO into that 1 % that will succeed.

ICO Platform

Our proven ICO platform offers you the technical solution for raising funds in an ICO.


(200 EUR)


Investing in ETH

1 Hour Consultation

The simplest and fastest ICO solution available!



(20,000 EUR)


Email Verification


Investor Dashboard

Investing in ETH, BTC, and in 500+ cryptocoins, plus USD, Credit Cards, Paypal




Selected features from PRO version


Custom built features

ICO Marketing

We have a long history in ICO marketing and have raised our customers more than $200 million.

ICO Marketing Services

  • Detailed marketing plan
  • Free listing sites (40+)
  • Facebook advertising, ROI-driven lead ads, video ads and carousel ads
  • Adroll marketing, razor-sharp retargeting, existing contributors of other projects + bounty community
  • Google display – ads on Coinmarket and other top sites
  • Google Search ads targeting the investors competitors
  • Premium listing on top trackers
  • Top ad network other ad networks to create the last week FOMO
  • Bounty campaign & Airdrops – management and execution
  • Analytics & optimizing – optimizing campaigns in line with the data
  • Community management, submitting the project to free forums, keeping Bitcointalk active and buzzing throughout the day with updates and conversations
  • PR management, articles on small/big publications and Youtube reviews
  • Private investor connections, Pre-sale investors, pools, VCs, Crypto funds
  • Landing page optimization in line with the best practices
  • Email marketing
  • Medium Blogs
  • Social media posts

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ICO Roadmap (pdf)