Product development

We at Empirica have been entrepreneurs most of our adult lives. We know how it is with start-ups. We know how to grow a successful company out of nothing.

Product development

We know how to fail – most companies and ideas are doomed to fail. We know how to run a business. We know how to build killer apps. We know where to find investors and how to make a winning pitch deck to ensure the funding for the company or an idea.

We also know how to convert a customer project into a product that will sell world-wide. So if you have a start-up, or an idea, or you have a custom project that could eventually evolve into a product, please contact us here and let’s see if there is something we could do together.


Case: Boksishop – Cash register system for a modern hardware store

The project we did for Boksishop is one example of product development. The new type of cash register system was developed from the beginning to meet the customer’s needs, and in such a way that the customer could participate in the development work throughout the process.

Boksishop’s cash register system program is specially designed to suit a shop-in-shop type of store. A reliable cash register system keeps the wheels turning and automation frees up working time for the most important thing, customer service.