Information technology consulting and design

We have a long history in information technology consulting and technical solutions from the early days of the internet to modern day cloud services, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain and many more. 

We have been entrepreneurs for a long time, and we know what technology should never be there because of technology itself, but always to be part of the business. Business models, generating revenue and profit always comes first after which it is the time to figure out the best possible technical solutions, plan the projects and execute them. It is especially important to maintain these built-in solutions. 

We have provided information technology consulting for both global companies as well as local start-ups. There is always a difference between them, but the statements above hold in both cases. First, we need to understand the business, the available resources, the opportunities after which we innovate the solutions that make those ideas come true.

Often, when planning a business, not all technical possibilities are known, and when building technology, the business is not understood. But both must be understood in order to arrive at workable solutions and we claim to understand the both sides.

Our information technology consulting services

information technology consulting

IT-strategy and architecture

We have decades of experience in Information Technology consulting and architectural design. Our expertise combines practical expertise with a business understanding.

advanced analytics

Data management and development

Data is like new oil. The increasing amount of data creates new business opportunities. We help your business get the most out of your data. A secure and scalable data architecture ensures data availability throughout the organization.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are key parts of data analytics, as they enable fast analysis of even bigger amounts of data. We will help you find suitable business cases and make the benefits of machine learning and AI into a realization.

internet of things

IoT solutions

By combining the physical and digital worlds, you create added value for your business. The Internet of Things brings you valuable data to help you learn new things about your business. Indeed, many companies are already reaping the benefits of the IoT. At Empirica, we offer IoT solutions from design to maintenance.

custom software development

Software product development

We offer companies the modernization or further development of a software or even build a completely new one. We have acted as a development partner for both large international companies and local start-ups.


Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology achieves data security, trust, and cost savings. We are one of Finland's leading blockchain experts. We are here to help your company evaluate the possibilities of utilizing the blockchain in your business.

cloud services

Cloud platforms

Thanks to modern cloud technology, agile software3 development is possible and new features can be released at a record pace. We help your business deploy Azure cloud services, scale, or modernize your existing IT architecture, and optimize to control your cloud costs.


We are an official partner of Intel and offer Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP) solutions. Intel® CLP is a platform that provides solutions for inventory management and active tracking of deliveries.

digitalisation of logistics

In deliveries, we utilize Arrow ECS partnership and expertise. Arrow is a global provider of products, services and solutions for industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise IT solutions.

In our IoT solutions, we use Azure’s ready-made services and, if necessary, supplement them with custom solutions. In this way, the solutions fit well into the customer’s processes, but the projects are quick to implement. Microsoft is the current market leader in IoT platforms and Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub is used by several large companies such as Starbucks, Verizon, Volkswagen, Yusen Logistics, General Electric and Bosch.

During the consultation, we review the company’s needs and discuss what solutions could be beneficial for the company´s operations. Contact us and book a free consultation!

What does custom software development cost?

Customized software is unique, so the price of software development also varies. The price mainly consists of work. The final price of the development can be estimated by planning the amount of work. The price is affected by the number of features to be developed, the complexity, the project schedule and the number of necessary integrations, publishing platforms and views.

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