Custom software development

We were kids when Commodore 64 was a big thing. We were in business when the internet started to form. We for example saw and made the biggest media sites in Finland back in those days.

We have worked with tech giants, like Microsoft. We have done custom software development and native mobile apps as they are the modern norm. We did not invent Bitcoin, but pretty close. We have made some cutting edge blockchain and AI solutions and some of the coolest projects are integrating AI, IoT and blockchain with the conventional cloud computing and web sites. 

We are a trustworthy and agile software development partner. We have decades of expertise in demanding software development projects and we have done software development projects with industry giants like Microsoft. We have experience with the latest technologies and know how to utilize them for business needs. 
In addition to the old specialists, we have young innovators to make the work diverse. We believe in combining a young person’s enthusiasm and experience to achieve the best outcome. 

Agile software development

We favor agile methods in our development. Thanks to iterative development, our customers can quickly get an idea of ​​the final product and changes can be made as soon as the need is noticed. In this way, the product is completed in a fast and cost-effective manner and meets the requirements set for it. 

We work in close cooperation with the customer, so that the customer can influence the development of the project at an early stage. In this way, we significantly improve the success rate of projects. Our competent team is able to successfully implement projects even without the customer’s input, if for some reason the customer cannot actively participate in the project. 

Custom software development

The advantage of custom software compared to ready-made software is that it is more adaptable to the needs of the company. When using off-the-shelf software, the company’s processes must be adapted to the software’s processes, while the software developed for the company adapts to the company’s processes. 
Existing source code and ready-made services can be utilized in the development of customized software. For example, Azure today offers a wide range of services suitable for various applications, which can be used to implement software development projects quickly and inexpensively. 

 Our custom software development services

  • Concept design 
  • Software design and implementation 
  • Software support and maintenance service 
  • Cloud platforms, from development to production 
custom software development

Product development

We know how to run a business or how to build killer apps. We know where to find investors and how to build a winning deck so that a great idea also gets the funding it needs.

ketterä ohjelmistokehitys

Service design

The purpose of custom software development is to support the company's strategy and business objectives. Together with the customer, we define the most important business challenges to be solved and look for the best solution for them. If necessary, we utilize experts in various fields at the planning stage. We always offer our customers a long-term vision.



We design use cases and system architecture, which will be refined during the project as software requirements change. Thanks to the iterative development model, making changes is quick and cost-effective. Thanks to agile software development, our customers get added value from development work as early as possible. We are a Microsoft partner and take advantage of Azure's wide range of tools and services in our development work.

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Implementation and maintaining

We take care of smooth commissioning, maintenance and user training. Our maintenance services include e.g. version control, backup, automatic monitoring, application maintenance, software updates, and security updates. We maintain applications in the Azure cloud to ensure good security and service.


digitalisation of logistics

We complement customized solutions with different technologies. We utilize Azure’s ready-made services in our analytics solutions supplemented with customized solutions when necessary. This way, the solutions fit well into the customer’s processes, but the projects are quick to implement and cost-effective.

We are an official partner of Intel and offer Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP) solutions. Intel® CLP is a platform that provides solutions for inventory management and active tracking of deliveries.

We utilize Arrow ECS partnership and expertise when it comes to choosing the right equipment for each project. Arrow is a global provider of products, services and solutions for industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise IT solutions.

Contact us and let us talk more about your company needs and our services. Together we can find a solution and therefore create something new!

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