Custom software development

We were kids when Commodore 64 was a big thing. We were in business when the internet started to form. We for example saw and made the biggest media sites in Finland back in those days.

Software development

We’ve worked with tech giants, like Microsoft. We’ve done custom software development and native mobile apps as they are the modern norm. We didn’t invent Bitcoin, but pretty close. We’ve made some cutting edge blockchain and AI solutions and some of the coolest projects are integrating AI, IoT and blockchain with the conventional cloud computing and web sites. 


Of course we also have the young minds working who live this day and future and correct the grandpa’s when they fuzz around with some antique methods. But merging experience and youth often is the best combo.


Seriously though, web sites, mobile apps and their background systems are the corner stones of modern business. Making them right, good looking, easy to use, efficient, cost effective is always a priority today for any business. With our experience and references we can do the best apps for your business as well. Please contact us here and let’s start talking.


If you need any of the following, give us a call:

  • Web application
  • Mobile app
  • AI solutions
  • IoT solutions
  • Blockchain development
  • Cloud computing services
  • Big Data solutions
  • Whatever solution that does not yet exist