Empirica Finland is the leading blockchain developer in Finland and one of the best in the world. Blockchain technology solves trust and security issues, and brings cost savings.


The most common misconception is that blockchain is the same thing as bitcoin or other cryptos. It sure is not, even though cryptos use blockchain. In short blockchain is a technical solution that stores and transfers data. So it’s like a database with far better security, trust and natural mechanisms to send “value” based on some rules.

Blockchain’s native property is that it transfers value (like money or something else that has financial value) in a tamper-proof manner. Data cannot be revised or if it can it leaves a mark which means no central point can cheat. That means security and trust – data using a blockchain implementation can be trusted without a 3rd party validating it, which in many cases make it faster and less expensive as middle-men are no longer needed.

Another key feature of blockchain implementations is the smart contracts. Transactions can happen only based on coded “agreement” that defines who can do what where when etc. This feature can automate many processes that before have needed a human factor.

If you need trust, security and cost savings blockchain solution might be for you.