Artificial Intelligence &
Machine learning

Artificial intelligence is the core of our work. In its simplest form we make a machine do complicated tasks that no human ever could, such as analyzing big data. In our development work, we use the Microsoft Azure environment and the most common libraries. The methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning achieve a significant advantage for business, for example by analyzing their huge amounts of data. Applications of artificial intelligence include e.g. image recognition and advanced data analytics.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence i.e. AI can mean analyzing live video footage. We can detect movements, facial expressions and make decisions and even predictions based on that. We can also use AI to analyze financial data, to see trends and patterns and make predictions. But the most powerful part of AI is that we can make it learn. With more data we get more accurate predictions. Complex algorithms can also make an AI software learn by comparing data to the results it leads to, just like humans learn, from experience.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning applications are usually image or text recognition or advanced analytics. For example machine learning can analyze the video image. One can follow movements, expressions and therefore make decisions or predictions based. Artificial intelligence can also analyze, for example, economic data andfind dependencies as well as predict trends. 

Benefits of AI and machine learning

Until a few years ago, the benefits achieved with machine learning were marginal. However, technology has advanced tremendously over the last ten years. This has been particularly affected by the rapid development of machine learning methods. The most typical utilization targets are automatic object identification, process control and navigation.



When artificial intelligence learns from its environment, it is able to automate tasks, while freeing up human time for other tasks.

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Automatic data collection

As artificial intelligence learns from its environment, it is able to collect data by itself, without human intervention.



Artificial intelligence learns about itself and its environment, so it is also able to make predictions about the future, which you can prepare for.

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Competitive advantage

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can learn new things about your business and predict future trends, which will help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Our services

In business it is so important to be able to process vast amounts of data, find where there is room for improvement (like in a supply chain). It is also a huge advantage if one can read existing data and predict the future before competitors do. And again a self learning AI software keeps getting better and better in time.

We utilize several technologies in our machine vision services. In our solutions, we use Azure’s ready-made services and, if necessary, supplement them with customized solutions. In this way, the solutions are well suited to the customer’s processes, but the projects are quick to implement. Microsoft is the current market leader in IoT platforms and Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub is used by several large companies such as Starbucks, Verizon, Volkswagen, Yusen Logistics, General Electric and Bosch. 

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Consulting and design

Together with the customer, we define the most important business challenges to be solved and look for the best solutions for them. We have decades of experience in successful information system projects and therefore we have the knowledge in what solutions to offer.  

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Machine vision

We develop solutions that utilize machine vision according to the needs of customers. We design complete solutions suitable for the applications, from architecture to equipment procurement. Our services include collecting the necessary data, normalizing it as well as teaching and testing models.  

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Data analysis and predictions

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are a key part of data analytics, as they enable fast analysis of even large amounts of data. We will help you find suitable cases and realize the benefits of machine learning.

Contact us and let us have a look at your business. We might have some AI solutions already built that could benefit you, or together we can find the ways to use AI to boost your business and its processes. Or simply take the human factor out resulting in savings.

Arla yhden tilan maito

Arla Iris - an artificial intelligence application monitoring the well-being of cows

We have done several projects with artificial intelligence, one of which is an artificial intelligence application using machine vision delivered to Arla. With the help of machine vision, it is possible to monitor the well-being of the cows and thus to intervene in deviations immediately.

The Arla Iris application, which uses machine vision, tells you in real time the state of the cows’ well-being. With the help of the application, deviations can be detected immediately and they can be dealt with in time. The pilot product is Arla Yhden tilan maito.