Supply Chain Solution

For Responsible Businesses

It has become increasingly important to manage supply chain data in a way that it can be also opened to consumers and authorities with secure, immutable and open solutions that can be trusted.

This is very important especially in food and medical industries where trust is a sales argument.

Our solution combines the powers of blockchain, IoT and AI resulting in a complete solution that benefits all parties – The producer, processor, retailer and in the end the consumer.

Supply Chain Solution for Responsible Businesses

Why Empirica Trustor?

For Businesses

  • Consumers are willing to pay more for quality products. Perceived quality has nothing to do with upstream supply chain activity. The knowledge consumers have about products determines the perceived quality.
  • Recognition of counterfeit products and fast tracking improves product safety.
  • Trust, reliability, quality all adds to the value of the products which means marketing advantage and higher profits for the producers/brands.
  • Empirica Trustor enables cost-effective and automatic sharing of production information reliably to consumer further driving product and brand value.

Supply Chain Transparency

For Auditors & Certifiers

  • Empirica Trustor enables cost-effective and automatic certification of production information. This additional information increases consumer trust to certification and further drives certification and brand value.
  • Certification violations are minimized because of indelible audit trail. Each transaction is recorded sequentially and indefinitely in blockchain.
  • Digitalization of auditing processes increases the integrity and interactivity of certifications, making certification attractive to new licensees and consumers.

For Consumers

  • Majority of consumers want to know the origin of the products they buy.
  • Most current methods cannot give reliable information. Empirica Trustor’s transparent supply chain provides consumers trusted data of product origin and product’s journey to the store.
  • Data is easy to access and visually appealing.
  • Empirica Trustor facilitates responsible buying, because it gives consumer verified information about product’s journey.

Supply Chain Transparency for Consumers

Transparency with Blockchain

Empirica Trustor CORE

Empirica Trustor CORE contains the implementation of a single or multiple product data models along with required data points. It implements the customer supply chain process or processes and provides the required interface for different stakeholders.

By exposing APIs for integrating with external systems as well as for viewing and auditing purposes, Trustor can be easily embedded as a part of the entire process, even if the companies and systems vary.

Empirica Trustor PLUS

Trustor can be purchased as a turn key solution for your organization. We can optionally integrate the required external systems, create visualizations and other user interfaces for your stakeholders to make the most out of the collected data.

Not all products are alike, and neither are their data models, we can build the support for different products or product families as well as support more complex processes with additional on-chain logic. Automation together with digital transformation is going to boost your productivity and reduce the amount of monitoring when the system is designed to do it for you.

We can handle deployment, hosting and other infrastructure needs, whether on-premises, hybrid or cloud native environments.

Case Example – Arla Foods

Food supply chain solution for dairy products where all verified data from the farm to transportation to processor to storage to retail store is saved in blockchain. Most of the data is collected using IoT sensors. Data can be audited and verified at any time, even by the consumer.

Case Arla Milkchain