We have a long history in technical solutions from the early days of the internet to modern day cloud services, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain and many more. But we have also been entrepreneurs for a long time (or some of us) and we know that technology should never be there because of technology itself, but always part of the business. Business models, generating revenue and profit always comes first. Then it’s time to figure out the best possible technical solutions, plan the projects and execute them. And maintain them.

We have been consulting gigantic global companies and local start-ups. It’s always different but the above statement holds in both cases. First we need to understand the business, the available resources, the opportunities. Then we innovate the solutions that make those ideas come true.

If you may need help with any of the following, let us know by contacting us here and let’s talk and see if there is something we can do.

  • Using AI solutions to boost business
  • IoT solutions
  • Conventional web and mobile apps
  • Blockchain and token solutions

Usually when planning business it is not known what all kinds of technical possibilities there are and equally often tech people want to build something just because it’s the coolest thing ever. But the truth is one has to understand both worlds to make the best of it. We like to claim that we do know both.