Blockchain Solutions

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Empirica offers blockchain solutions that allow you to accept and send cryptocurrency via your own cryptocurrency wallet. Cryptocurrency wallet is a safe place to store cryptocurrency. We have both web and mobile HD wallets for Ethereum and Bitcoin available. These white label wallets can be integrated to your existing information systems to let you receive and send cryptocurrency payments. We can also provide support for additional coins. Contact us for more information.

Cryptocurrency wallets blockchain solutions

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Empirica has built a service platform that allows customers to buy bitcoins with a credit card. Bitcoin price is calculated in real time using an average bitcoin price from different exchanges. Therefore the Price Index is one of the most accurate there is on the market. The platform has also the most trusted and secure way to store bitcoins, from full data encryption to DDOS attack defense. In addition the platform enables the fastest bitcoin release times there is.

Buy Bitcoins


Exchange Platform

Our white label digital currency platform is an effortless way to establish your own digital currency exchange. The exchange platform has all standard features that are essential for secure cryptocurrency trading (currently Ethereum and ERC20 tokens are supported), but it can also be fully customized to meet your specific needs best.

Exhcange platform