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The core of all our doing is developing solutions that improve customer’s revenue and profit. We consult the customers to plan solutions and software that will do just that – develop their business.

Software Development

We build the background technology and the web and mobile applications on it. Many technologies are stable standards and development is agile, efficient and often tuning solutions that already are available.


AI is one of the fastest growing industries and an important part of almost any business. With AI we can analyze for example video footage, or huge amounts of data resulting from production or marketing data. AI may be the most important advantage in the competition.


IoT often connects to industrial production and logistics. IoT devices have become cheaper and software processing their data is simpler than ever. That is why IoT is a central part of any business where data is collected and analyzed.


Blockchain is the tech choice when automating processes that require trust. This often is the case in transactions involving money or other value. Security and automation is the key. Blockchain is also a great tool for business that is based on networks.


Trustor is the world leading tool in food industry traceability and transparency. It allows opening the value chain to customers without fear of endangering confidential business data. Trustor is based on AI, IoT and Blockchain.


We have made all kinds of fintech solutions. Smart phone apps, crypto solutions, bank level security and new possibilities of blockchain.

Innovation Factory

We’ve worked with start-ups for a long time, building successful business and technical solutions. We have the experience and networks to help start-ups building their MVP solutions, get funding and develop their business models.

Public Speakers

We are the experts when it comes to AI, IoT and Blockchain and are more than willing to speak at your event on present day and future solutions.

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