Make sense of the new disruptive technology

Blockchain Software Development

From enabling cryptocurrency payments to custom tokens to entire business models. Empirica is a one stop shop for your blockchain needs.

Smart Contracts & Off-chain Integrations

Apart from pure cryptocurrencies and other value transfers, there’s a wealth of off-chain information that needs to be accessed in a fully automated solution.

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Out-of-the-box blockchain-based solutions to get up and running fast

FinTech Software

We have ready made cryptocurrency wallets, exchange platform, payment solutions and cloud based point of sale (POS) system.

Customer Loyalty Software

Customer loyalty analytics and loyalty rewards platform that is built on blockchain enables P2P exchange of loyalty points and thus activates the use of earned benefits.

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Fast and easy way to fund your project through a initial coin offering

ICO Platform

ICO launch platform, smart contract, payments in 100+ fiat and cryptocurrency, referral program.

ICO Marketing

We have the marketing and community growing expertise to make your ICO successful.

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